Share Your Story



A few Sundays ago Pat and Sam stood in front of the church and told how taking Financial Peace University not only transformed their finances, it impacted their marriage too! We all love hearing stories of how God works in our life, and most people can probably remember different stories they heard which had a huge impact on them.

That’s why we setup the “Share Your Story” page on MCC’s website. We know every week God moves in people’s lives but too often we don’t hear the testimonies until weeks or months later.  Now as soon as He moves in an amazing way you can let us know.

We know many people aren’t public speakers, so don’t freak out thinking if you share your story that next Sunday we will call you to the front and put a mic in your hand. That probably won’t happen. But you will be an encouragement to church leadership and potentially a tool we can use to connect someone who is struggling with someone who had a victory.

So what’s God doing in your life right now? Let us know…