Hurricane Harvey Update!



By now you have heard the devastating news about Houston, Texas. Stories of over 30,000 people evacuating homes, estimated 500,000 cars destroyed, and an estimated 190 Billion in damages have flooded our news feeds. We start wondering “what can I do?”

Our Response:

First we need to pray for everyone involved but we know often when we pray God also calls us to act. There are some other steps we can take to help. If you would like to give a monetary donation we are encouraging gifts through the Association of Related Churches (ARC) -- . ARC will distribute these resources directly to the ARC churches in the Houston area and those churches will designate the funds directly to Hurricane Harvey Relief efforts around their city. We plan to partner with other organizations that offer relief and support for the people devastated by this natural disaster by putting a team together to go be Christ’s hands and feet helping families in need. If you are interested in further information about serving in Texas, contact Connie Brown-Weber (

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