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Adopt-A-Block Reading

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What is Adopt-A-Block?
Adopt-A-Block (AAB) is a group of volunteers who visit with people in need on a weekly basis in order to:
· Meet Needs (Food, Clothing, Prayer, etc.)
· Build Relationships
· Show people the love of God in their lives

Where does AAB serve?
We serve in the city of Reading on 11th Street (Between Franklin St. and Chestnut St.)

When does AAB serve?
Please contact Matt Brunk for serve times and locations.

Involvement Opportunities

What do you do at AAB Reading?

· Block Visits: Walk with a team and visit with people who live on the block. Ask people how you can make their day better and explore whether or not they have needs that we can meet.

· Offer to pray with people as we are led.

· Continually develop ways to meet needs and provide resources