THRIVE! Parenting Seminar

Learn heart-based tools to help ANY child at ANY age with ANY problem!

Turning Challenges into Opportunites to build Life Skills so that Kids can THRIVE

THRIVE! is a powerful parenting seminar that gives you new tools to help your children change. Kids need more than reward and punishment to bring about behavior change. They need a heart-based approach. By the end of this event you will have a new toolbox of strategies to help any age child grow from where he is to where he needs to be. This seminar is hopeful, encouraging, and very practical.

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Dr. Scott Turansky
Dr. Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN are the co-founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting. They are the teachers of this seminar. Dr. Turansky and his wife Carrie have five children and six grandchildren. They live in New Jersey. Dr. Turansky works each week with families in his coaching practice, is a pastor and adjunct professor at Concordia University, and develops resources and solutions for parents that work.

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Joanne Miller, RN, BSN
Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and her husband, Ed, have two grown sons and two grandchildren. Joanne has been a pediatric nurse since 1986 and is a public speaker. She is a co-author, with Scott of “Parenting is Heart Work,” along with several other books on parenting. She delights in helping children change their hearts, not just their behavior.


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8:00 Am
Continental Breakfast
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10:30 Am
Q and A
10:45 Am
Session 2
11:45 Am
Q and A
12:00 Pm
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Morgantown Community Church Campus

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