G – Get connected to God
R – Build healthy Relationships
– Connecting to Opportunities for growth
W – Impact the World

Welcome to MCC’s Women’s section of our website. We follow the church mission to G.R.O.W – come experience it with us, as we are looking forward to getting to know you!  

We would love to have you be a part of each event that's been designed to help you grow!

It is our prayer that each women at MCC become involved in a Women's Small group this year, to connect - grow and have the support of other women.

Please see the list of our ladies groups, or the Welcome Center in the lobby for further information.


Women's Leadership: Diane Barszowski, Lydia Blank, Lynnette Hess, Tonya Fling, Pam Gable, Melodie Miller, Judy Mitchell, Melissa Pullano and Sarah Wright.

Upcoming Events

Thrive Parenting Seminar

Thrive Parenting Seminar

Learn heart-based tools to help ANY child at ANY age with ANY problem! Turning Challenges into Opportunites to build Life Skills so that Kids can THRIVE THRIVE! is a powerful parenting seminar that gives you new tools to help your children change....

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