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MCC is a wonderful community to be a part of but being in a small group, I can truly say, I feel part of a family. I have been part of the Young Married Group for three years and have grown closer to God with having such a wonderful group of people to walk the path with me. We have good times doing fun activities but it’s the weekly discussion that grow my heart more deeper into Jesus.

Mary Cokelette 
Young Families Small Group

I was a regular attender on Sundays but that is all I did. My family and I started attending family nights on Wednesdays and we each found a group that fit us. It’s nice to get together with other people to discuss life and how God is working in it. We also laugh a good bit too.

Kurt Werner
Jason Hess’s - Christian Dads, Chris & Connie’s - Married Couples, Jason & Lynette’s - Married Couples

Being a part of the church family here at MCC is a blessing, looking into small groups I wanted to be able to grow and learn from others. When I became part of a small group (stitches) it became so much more. I found encouragement, trust and a love for Jesus. I also found some very talented people with blessed hands.

Kara Campbell

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Life Groups aren’t one size fits all. Age, gender, stage of life, and interests all effect who you will really fit with. Although we have a small group finder we still believe the best way to pick a life group is though having a conversation. Let us know when you are ready to talk…

Men's Groups

We can't do life alone, even as men. That's why we seek to help men develop life changing relationships with other men and bring them closer to Jesus. We want to empower men to make an impact in their work place, communities and their families for the kingdom of God.
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Women's Groups

We have Women’s Groups meeting almost every day of the week. From young mom’s to empty nesters there is a group which is perfect for you.

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Family Groups

When the honey moon period comes to an end, kids become overwhelming, work has you freaking out, or life happens do you have people who will walk through it with you? Our family groups are the perfect place for you to build relationships to help you through the hard times or maybe just prevent them from coming!
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TCYM Groups

The majority of our teen small groups meet Wednesday Nights as part of Youth Group. Feel free to show up whenever and we will work to plug you into the perfect group.