TCYM Winter Florida Missions Trip


Florida Baptist Children’s Home in Lakeland Fl.

For 112 years, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes has operated with the belief that every seed of hope planted in a child is worth every ounce of sweat and every dollar it takes.
In 2015, they offered loving care and shelter to 398 children through their residential and emergency care. These are children who have experienced unimaginable trauma and abuse, but they have the potential to thrive when they are placed in an environment with a strong foundation of love and trust.
In 2015 Florida Baptist Children’s home provided 155,384 services to children and families in Florida, placed 23 sex trafficking victims in programs that keep them safe and help them heal, provided over 463,263 meals thought their orphan’s heart program, and so much more.
We as a youth ministry have the opportunity to bless a great organization which is living the gospel in such a powerful way!
What will we be doing?
The majority of what we will be doing is work projects. The youth leader who prayed with Pastor DJ to accept Christ and then worked to train him to follow Christ is now the head of maintenance for the Lakeland campus. He is also the pastor of an intercity church providing us with other ministry opportunities.
How much:
The cost will be $100 per person with a $50 deposit due October 29th. This will include food, travel, lodging, and a fun activity to wrap up the trip. We will provide some fundraising opportunities but students are encouraged to write support letter and fundraise on their own also.

When are the permission slip and the money due?
Permission slips and the $50 deposit are due October 29th. The Remainder of the funds will be due December 17th. Students may send support letters or serve at the Bazaar to help pay for this trip.
This is a great opportunity to grow in your faith and impact others lives. If funding this trip will be hard consider asking family to help pay for the trip instead of giving you Christmas Gifts.
May I invite friends?
Normally we say YES but for this trip we would prefer it to be Christians we know and trust. Encourage every other TCYM student to come (and even Christian friends from school) but please don’t bring friends who don’t know Christ.

I am a parent may I come? May I Bring my family?
Awesome! We love the idea of families serving together. If you are interested in coming please provide a deposit just like students by October 30th. We will also require PA’s background check process (paper based) and Florida’s background check process. We need all of that paperwork done by October 30th!

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