TCYM 6th Grade Welcome Party

As a youth ministry we are looking forward to seeing 6th graders move up into our ministry. This night’s purpose is to celebrate you! 

Q. What if I want to stay in AWANA? 
A. That’s fine. 6th grade is a transition year so students can stay in AWANA until they start 7th grade. This night is to celebrate the door opening to 6th graders joining the youth ministry. 
Q. Will anyone play pranks on me?
A. We can’t promise there won’t be shenanigans but we won’t force you to be involved in anything you don’t want to be. 
Q. Will I fit in?
A. The first few nights in any new group can be hard but our youth ministry is full of students committed to making TCYM the most loving and welcoming place you can go on a Wednesday night. 
Q. How do I find out more information?
A. Feel free to visit, check out, have your parents search “TCYM Parents” on Facebook, call/text Pastor DJ 484-459-3951, Kik “DJGrick” or e-mail him 

DJ Grick
(610) 286-5153

MCC Auditorium

Date / Time